Spiritual Hypnosis

We are all spiritual beings and some of us choose to explore that special part of ourselves that connects us to the higher powers of our choice.  Hypnotherapy is an excellent vehicle to safely transport ourselves there.

Regular Hypnosis is exploring and communicating with the subconscious mind, but Spiritual Hypnosis guides us to the Superconscious mind.  I use these 3 methods to access the Superconscious mind.

  • Ultra Height- This is a method developed by one of my favorite Master Hypnotists, Gerald Kein. With this method our minds are gently and safely transported to a higher level of consciousness, as our bodies rest in a deep and peaceful state, allowing access to our greater wisdom and strengths. In this state we can receive answers we normally do not have to our most important questions.
  • Simpson Protocol- Ines Simpson, a brilliant Canadian Hypnotist developed this beautiful method of working in a very deep level called the Esdaile State.  From this platform, the mind can be transported to the physical, emotional and spiritual places of healing, where the client themselves release what is no longer useful to them.
  • Past Life Regression- Master Hypnotist, David Quigley, taught me an advanced and profound method to do past life work.  There are many reasons to explore past lives:
    • Contacting creativity and bringing it forward to the present life.
    • Clearing past life trauma (physical and emotional)
    • Changing Karma by clearing overt acts
    • Changing past life contracts with significant others
    • Changing the contract made with the higher self before conception in order to change a life pattern or purpose (pre conception contract)
    • Some people are simply curious and ready to explore where they have been

I often suggest an emotional clearing of the present life such as the 5-PATH process before embarking on a past life journey.