Hello Again and welcome. As humans we all experience boredom, anger, guilt, sadness, loneliness, inadequacy, stress, frustration, fear and depression. We often want to push these feelings away and deny or ignore them and often, they just come back even more fiercely. if we stop and listen to them, we soon understand that they are giving us an important message and they won’t leave us alone until we get it. Each feeling has a positive purpose -Boredom wants us to find a new challenge. -Anger is very protective and wants the experience of people and self to be fair. -Guilt can really put us in our place by telling us to treat others or ourselves fairly. -Sadness wants whatever is valuable to stay- friends, family, home, pets etc. -lonely really wants relationships, good and valuable ones. -Inadequacy wants to hear the truth,” I am good enough, I always was good enough and always will be”. -Stress says stop and re-think what you are doing  and how you are doing it. It wants you to manage things properly and find a balance. -Frustration says slow down, re-think and your needs will be met and satisfied. -Fear wants you to run or fight if it believes a situation to be dangerous. In its milder form it says back off and be really careful. -Depression says to really slow down. Its better to sleep then to short circuit. It is very protective and would rather feel you rested then upset.  If we ignore our feelings long enough we can develop addictions to escape dealing with them. But that relief is fleeting and destructive. If we listen, communicate and negotiate with our feelings, they become satisfied and calm down. Hypnotherapy can teach people how to communicate more effectively to achieve the balance we all deserve to have. I hope this is helpful to all of you who read this. Thank you for your time. Wanda