How true is that! So many things happen to us in a life time. Births, deaths, happy events, sad events, gains, losses, celebrations, disappointments, and a few tragedies. When we really stop and think about it, most things work out. As we cruise along usually feeling okay or even better and something happens like a pandemic, a misfortune of one of our family members or a sudden illness etc. , we usually switch from feel good to feel bad or really bad. We do this before we really know the outcome and find ourselves sad, angry, scared, lonely, frustrated or depressed. And then, things work out! Those negative emotions have a positive purpose but often we jump into them too quickly, out of habit and use up all kinds of energy that might have had a better purpose. So, what do we do then? Well, switch to neutral! Neutral can be good. It’s like saying “I’ll give it some time” or “I have faith” or simply “we’ll see” . Most of the time, things just work out.  I remember some of the words to an old song my father used to sing, its called. whispering Hope-oh how welcome thy voice-making my heart in its sorrow rejoice. Stay hopeful and have faith. Wanda