Hypnosis sessions are always safe and gentle.  This type of therapy is a very effective way of accessing the subconscious mind as the conscious mind relaxes. Positive communication with the subconscious mind leads the client to self understanding, self love, and permanent change.

All sessions are conducted with respect and complete confidentiality. The first session for an adult is typically 2-3 hours and during this time I have the opportunity to listen, allowing for an understanding for what the client needs and wants for their life changes. A suitable program is then established.

I explain everything a client needs to know about the process and answer all questions before proceeding with the first hypnosis experience. I teach self hypnosis to every client to reinforce the desired change. Self hypnosis assures permanent change and the ability to take charge after the sessions are over.

My programs are as follows:

  • 5 Path emotional clearing 4-5 sessions and follow ups if necessary.
  • Free 1/2 hour information session
  • Smoking cessation program-2 to 3 sessions
  •  Weight loss program-4 to 6 sessions plus support and follow ups if necessary.
  • Children’s issues-1 1/2 hours in length
  • My rates can vary with age and income, so please call me for more information.
  • Reconnective Healing sessions- 1/2 hour