Greetings from Regina Saskatchewan. I have been to many Hypnosis conferences over the years and the conversation about prices for sessions and also for Hypnosis training often comes up. There is a huge difference across North America in prices which range from very low to sky high and in between. Now, it would make sense that a more experienced practitioner would charge more. After all, it takes a lot of money for years of training  as well as dedication. Experience also means confidence and ability. I am personally willing to pay more but not sky high for all of that when I seek out a therapist or practitioner of any kind. Location is also a factor of  course  and one would expect to pay more in Montreal and in a much smaller city. It doesn’t always work that way! I have had very poor sessions for a high price and very amazing ones for a low price. There is a comment that I have often heard at conferences and here it is. “You must charge high because if you do, people will think your service is more valuable”.  I just don’t care much for that way of thinking. I do understand that as a profession, it is not a good idea to under-value what we do because we are an important service in our community. I also know that are some people out there that truly believe that if they pay a lot more, the service is always more valuable. I had a man call me about my stop smoking program, which is a reasonable price and he told me that he also talked to someone who charged twice that amount. I knew by his tone and his comments that he would go for the more expensive program -regardless of the experience of the Hypnotist or the quality of the program. I must admit that I was happy to not have him as a client. I really like it when people check me out and ask a lot of questions, which I am more then happy to answer. The average person in my community cannot afford sky high prices. I enjoy people in my chair from all walks of life and every kind of profession as well as students and children. People living on pensions and social assistance deserve a lower rate. We all deserve the help we need as humans on this planet. As far as Hypnosis training is concerned, I would like to see a set rate right across the country that is reasonable and fair. Right now, it ranges from one extreme to another. So, do the homework, the research, the inquiry and find out what you need to make a wise decision.  Thank you kindly for reading this, Wanda